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Illinois Statute of Limitations In Sex Abuse Cases
Illinois Sex Abuse Civil Statute of Limitations

Civil Statute of Limitations In Illinois

  • Delayed SOL for Childhood Sexual Abuse Suits : 18 Years Old + 20 Years (used to be 18 + 10). 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/13-202.2(b)-(d).
  • There is Tolling during manipulation, fraud, threat, or intimidation.
  • Discovery Rule : Suits for childhood sexual abuse may also be brought within 20 years (used to be 5 years) of the date the victim discovers or reasonably should have discovered the act of abuse and the injury caused. § 13-202.2(b). Knowledge of abuse doesn’t constitute discovery.  Discovery only occurs when there is knowledge of causal link between discovery and later-discovered injury.

Criminal Statute of Limitations In Illinois

  • Delayed SOL for Most Sexual Offenses Against Minor Victims : 18 Years Old + 20 Years. 720 I.L.C.S. 5/3-6(j). Such offenses include criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, or aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Id.