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News: June 7, 2017

Today, June 7, 2017, the New York State Assembly passed the Child Victims’ Act by a vote of 127-9!

Assemblywoman Marge Markey of Queens led the fight for many years since 2006. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal of Manhattan has picked up the reins this year. Now, the bill goes to the senate where Senator Brad Hoylman of Manhattan has introduced a similar bill in the New York State Senate.

What is the Child Victims Act?

Basically the Assembly bill extends the statute of limitations on

  1. Criminal cases up to the survivors 28th birthday if its a felony  and 25 years old if a misdemeanor (extending 5 years for both)
  2. Extending civil lawsuits up to survivors 50th birthday vs. current 23rd birthday.
  3. Opens up a one year window to allow former old cases that can no longer be perused under current statutes and treat public/private institutions the same under the law. FYI, currently institutional abuse survivors have a 90 day window to report from incident occurring!

Going to Senate.

Sadly, the NY Senate is where this bill has stalled historically.  One of the major roadblocks that stalled the bill is the proposed opening of a one year window for former cases and survivors to seek justice both in criminal and civil court.

Meanwhile, Sen. Brand Hoylman introduced a similar bill, with the difference being removing the Statute of Limitation completely.
Also, Sen Jeffrey Klein introduced a compromise to the “one year to revive and review old cases”.  The compromise is that “Old cases” ( no longer persuable under current law) would have to go through a “Child Victims Commission” first to review the old case and this commission would make recommendations on ability to move forward with Civil Cases.

Take Action! Call your State Senators, to vote Yes on the Child Victims Act!
Find yours here:  New York State Senators, Committees and Legislative Groups

Join the movement and get resources on how to protect your children at “Protect NY Kids” 

Hopefully this year  Child Victims Act, will pass!