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  1. How do you wish to structure your company?
  2. Do you want to limit liability to shareholders?
  3. Size of corporation?
  4. Delegating control of the corporation’s day-to- day operations?
  5. Fiduciary duties of shareholders?
  6. Issues with breaches of contract, corporation’s creditor’s, directors duty to exercise reasonable skill care and diligence
  7. Structuring contracts?

How shareholders, directors, and employees interact with one another determines the structuring of a company, its size and separate legal personality. Under corporate law, corporations of all sizes have separate legal personality, with limited liability or unlimited liability for its shareholders. Shareholders control the company through a board of directors that, in turn, typically delegates control of the corporation’s day-to-day operations to a full-time executive. Corporate law deals with firms that are incorporated or registered under the corporate or company law of a state.

Directors owe strict duties of good faith, as well as duties of care and skill, to safeguard the interests of the company and the members. A director should have acquired and maintained sufficient knowledge and understanding of the company’s business to enable one to properly discharge one’s duties.

The defining feature of a corporation is its legal independence from the people who create it. Shareholders generally are not liable for debts that remain owing to the corporation’s creditors. This is based on principles of limited liability.

Areas of Practice In Business Law:

Corporate Business Formation
LLC’s, Joint Ventures & Partnerships
Small Business
Contracts and Agreements
Business Disputes and Negotiation
Business Litigation

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Experienced Business Law Attorneys

Counsel In Business Formation

Which business set up should you choose? Corporations, LLC, joint ventures, limited partnerships or non-profit our experienced attorneys can help you to select the set up that best suits your specific needs. We help entrepreneurs, businesses small to large navigate the often complex business laws, responsibilities, agreements and how best to protect all documenting parties.

Experienced Business Litigation & Negoiation

Betti and Associates business lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients involved in complex business disputes both in court and though negotiation. Our goal is to help our clients to resolve their business disputes be it contract disputes, partner, employee, customer or vendor issues efficiently and effectively.

General Counsel

Often our business clients retain us as outside counsel to assist them with their ongoing legal matters.  By having Betti and Associates on their team we provide counsel for, formation and review all contracts and binding agreements, employment agreements and issues to business dispute resolution. Our goal is to protect our clients interests and minimize legal matter time and impacts to their day to day operations and bottom line.

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Providing Legal Counsel for Businesses and Corporations

For more information in structuring your company, breach of contract and litigating business disputes, please contact Betti & Associates today.

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