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The victims are so very thankful to Senator Maile Shimabukuro one of the co-authors and co-sponsors of SB2588, and the legislature for passing this bill.  In doing so, they gave a voice to survivors to break their silence and come forward.  SB2588 expands the statute of limitations for child abuse actions in Hawaii through April 24, 2014.

One of these very brave survivors is Douglas Arruda. Doug is a fourth generation Hawaiian. He is a 70-year-old male who was abused by Fr. Joseph Michael Henry, a member of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers and Pastor at St. Anthony’s.  From From 1954 to 1958, while Doug was a student and altar boy at St. Anthony’s Father Henry abused him hundreds of times.  Because of Doug’s courage other altar boys and students of St. Anthony’s have come forward to break their silence against the Diocese of Honolulu and the religious order that covered up Fr. Henry’s abuse for decades.

Doug would like others to come forward and has bravely agreed to make his name public and post his complaint so that other survivors may feel comfortable in doing so themselves.

Read the Hawaii Sexual Abuse Complaint Arruda V Catholic Church, Hawaii.

 Arruda vs. Roman Catholic Church 3.23.2011

Arruda vs. Roman Catholic Church Trial is set for September 23, 2013
Honolulu, Hawaii in the Circuit Court of the First Circuit.

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